ABC for Kids
is a division of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Enterprises that has distributed Australian VHS releases of Fireman Sam since 1991.


  1. The Hero Next Door (Australian VHS)
  2. Lost Cat (Australian VHS)
  3. Treasure Hunt (Australian VHS)
  4. Fire Safety Special (Australian VHS)
  5. Snow Business (Australian VHS)
  6. A Spot Of Bother (Australian VHS)
  7. Brass Band (Australian VHS)
  8. Deep Trouble (Australian VHS)
  9. Trevor's Boot Sale (Australian VHS)
  10. The Hero Next Door and Deep Trouble
  11. To The Rescue

Compilation Releases

  1. Favourites (What Goes Up)
  2. Playbox (Treasure Hunt)


  1. To The Rescue
  2. Saves The Day
  3. Joker Soaker
  4. Fun Run
  5. Fields Of Fire
  6. On Stage
  7. Norman's Tricky Day
  8. Treasure Hunt
  9. Rich and Famous
  10. A Spot Of Bother
  11. The New Hero Next Door
  12. Red Alert
  13. Sticky Situation
  14. The Great Fire of Pontypandy
  15. Towering Inferno
  16. SOS Sam
  17. Pirates of Pontypandy
  18. Danger By The Double
  19. Choppy Waters
  20. Ready for Action
  21. Mountain Rescue
  22. Snow Trouble
  23. Pontypandy Gone Wild
  24. Hero At Sea
  25. The Best of Fireman Sam
  26. Ocean Rescue