All in a Good Cause
Series 03, Episode 06
Air Date Welsh: October 23, 1990
English: November 19, 1990
Australian: March 16, 1992
Previous Lost Ring
Next Brass Band

All in a Good Cause is the sixth episode of Series 3.


The Fire Station is raising money for the Children's Hospital.




  • Pontypandy Fire Station
  • Bella's Cafe
  • Price's General Store
  • The Children's Hospital (mentioned)


  • This episode is featured on Toybox 5.
  • Stock footage from Treasure Hunt is used.
  • This is the only episode of the classic series in which Sarah and James are absent.

Other Media Releases


Fireman Sam - All in Good Cause (SE03 EP06)09:49

Fireman Sam - All in Good Cause (SE03 EP06)

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