Ba board

Firefighters Sam and Penny tally's slotted in the BA board.

The BA Board is a device that the Firefighters use to keep track of the air that is in their breathing apparatus.


The procedure for entering a dangerous breathing condition was first shown in Norman's Pitfall, with Station Officer Steele acting as BA master the only other time it was shown was in Rich and Famous until it was reintroduced in the Season 9 episode Battle of the Birthdays with Penny Morris acting as BA master and has been used frequently since.

When it was reintroduced there was a board for holding the firefighters tally's in opposed to where as before the BA master would mark the firefighter as "Entered" and cross off when the firefighter has "Returned" now they slot the tally's in for "Entered" and out for "Returned" additionally the board has a built in timer for checking how much air are in their breathing apparatus, which is what real life firefighters use.

So far Station Officer Steele, Penny Morris, Chief Fire Officer Boyce, Elvis Cridlington, Ellie Phillips and Arnold McKinley have operated the board. Fireman Sam and Jerry Lee have yet to use it.


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