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 was responsible for broadcasting Fireman Sam from 1987 to 2008. The company also used to distribute the Fireman Sam videos until HiT Entertainment took over ownership of the series.


  1. The Hero Next Door (1988)
  2. Lost Cat (1988)
  3. Sam's Day Off (1988)
  4. Snow Business (1989)
  5. Norman's Pitfall (1990)
  6. All in a Good Cause (1991)
  7. The Very Best of Fireman Sam (1992)
  8. The Very Best of Fireman Sam 2 (1994)
  9. Treasure Hunt (1994)
  10. Norman's Trick Day (1994)
  11. Spot of Bother (1994)
  12. Bentley the Robot (1994)
  13. The New Adventures of Fireman Sam (1994)
  14. The New Adventures of Fireman Sam - Disaster for Dinner (1995)


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