Dilys Price
Occupation Shop owner
Place of work Her Shop
Family Dylan Price (brother)
Derek Price (nephew)
Norman Price (son)
Dilys Price is one of Pontypandy's citizens. She runs the town grocery store. She is also a well-known gossip. Dilys is the mother of town mischief-maker Norman Price, but is frequently blind to her son's troublesome ways. She dotes on her only child, or "My Sweet" or "My Little Precious" or "Mummy's Little Darling" as she sometimes calls him. But, she sometimes yells at Norman saying "Norman Price!" about what Norman's done. She often panics when danger occurs such as her shop catching fire.

Personal info

  • Hair: Dark brown (formerly red in seasons 1-4 and brown in season 5)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Friends: Everyone in Pontypandy
  • First appearenceThe Kite

Voice Actors


  • Dilys is the Whole Fish Cafe's 1,000,000th customer.


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