Sam looks at the old mine

Sam outside the mines

The Old Gold Mine is a disused mine at the end of the Pontypandy Mountain Railway there are many underground caves which are prone to flooding.


The mines were introduced in Heroes of the Storm when Penny was taking Mandy, Norman and The Twins potholing on her day off, but unbeknownst to her a hurricane had raptly developed and Fireman Sam had to go to the mines and warn Penny and the kids. Sam manages to find them but before they had a chance to leave a rock fall accrued, trapping them in the mines and leading them to go down the old miners route, but along the way they faced very difficult hurdles. First a bit of the path was flooded leaving everyone unsure what to do next so Sam decided to swim to the other side to see if the path was clear. Once checked Sam headed back and told the kids they had to swim through to get back on track which they manage. Then they came across an old bridge and like before check it to make sure its safe but this time Penny went first as she was lighter than Sam. Once she was across the kids went one by one and got across safely as well leaving Sam to go last, but half way across a huge gush of water came in and broke the bridge and Sam fell. Luckily a rope was tied around his waist and Penny and the kids pulled him up to safety like a tug of war team, after that everyone gets out of the mines just in time before they fully flooded.


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