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Elvis Cridlington
Elfis Cridlington
Occupation Fireman
Place of work Pontypandy Fire Station
Family N/A

Elvis Cridlington is another of the firefighters at the Fire Station. He has also been asigned as the station's cook. He provides a contrast to Sam in both competency and demeanour. He has a crush on Penny Morris, which has been noticeable from Series 3 onwards.

Personal info


Elvis is a friendly firefighter who helps and respects everyone, even if he is a little goofy. He cares a great deal about his friends and will do anything for them, even going so far as to try to get himself fired for Penny's sake in Norman's Big Fossil Adventure. Elvis is shown to not really pay attention in training drills, but when it comes to a real emergency he performs the rescue with skill.


  • Elvis might be named after the singer Elvis Presley as he is a fan of Rock 'n' Roll and Blues songs and has a similar hairstyle. This was once implied at the end of the episode Open Day when Fireman Sam said to Station Officer Steele, "Sorry sir. Elvis has left the building," when Elvis made a hasty departure from the fire station building. Also, in Fireman Sam In Action, Elvis says that he listens to Elvis Presley songs.
  • He is called "Elvis Portillon" in the French dub.

Episodes Elvis drove Jupiter

Episodes Elvis drove Venus


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