Essential Safety is a series of educational videos featuring the cast of Fireman Sam.

Smoke Alarm


Sam says that you must always remember to check that your smoke alarms are working.

Crossing the Road


Norman Man says always be careful when crossing the road!

Stair Safety


Today the junior cadets are teaching you about stair safety. Never leave anything on the stairs (or the bottom of the stairs!) otherwise you could trip and fall.

Electricity and Water


Electricity is very useful, but water and electricity don't mix! So never touch anything electrical with wet hands, never leave drinks too close to electrical items and never take electric items into the bathroom or near any water otherwise you could get an electric shock!

Train Tracks


Norman Man and Atomic Boy are back to teach you about the importance of being safe near train tracks!


Fireman Sam Official - Essential Safety Collection!08:34

Fireman Sam Official - Essential Safety Collection!

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