Ferdinand is Norman Price's pet frog, which appeared in an episode, Camping .

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.06.26 pm

Ferdinand jumps out


Ferdinand was kept as a pet by Norman, who used him to play pranks on other people. Ferdinand first appeared when he jumps out of a tin box, which made Dilys jumps, she told Norman off before he collects his pet frog back into the tin box. Later at Bella's Cafe, Ferdinand croaked in the box, then Norman pretended he is coughing, which made Trevor thinks the croaking sound was came from him! Norman then hid Ferdinand under Trevor's hat, where he hops out of Bella's Cafe.

Later when Trevor was having a quick check in Sam's tent, Norman released Ferdinand from the tin box and into the tent, which made Trevor panic as he thought there was a wild animal in the tent. After the tent collapses, Ferdinand escaped out of it, with Norman chasing behind him. In the end, Ferdinand dives into the pond, as Norman hopes his pet frog can swim.



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