The Fire Hoses are the main arsenal for fighting fires. They are stored in either Jupiter or Venus. They can be used in a wide range of emergencies.



  • From series 1 to 4 they used traditional hoses from the 1980's such as a hosereel with a garden hose style nozzle and a layflat jet with a valveless branchpipe which means the flow of water is constant and cannot be closed
  • From series 5 to 9 they used dark red fabric hoses with old fashioned brass nozzles which are 'brittle' in colder weather
  • From series 8 onwards they have yellow hoses for sticky foam.
  • From Heroes of the Storm onwards they use bright red Rubber hoses with a more modern and traditional pistol grip style branch
  • In Deep Trouble for Sam, a special hard suction hose, known as a "Ejection Pipe" was used by Penny Morris to remove the soil which was trapping Sam in the hole in her garden. This is a special type of hard suction hose because it can remove soft debris as well as water unlike most conventional hard suction fire hoses. It also has a mini electric motor pump built into the inlet coupling which means it doesn't require suction from the main fire pump.


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