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This article is about Sam, the main character of the series. You may be looking for the "Series"
"Great Fires of London!"

— his main catchphrase

Samuel Peyton Jones
Sam Tân
Occupation Firefighter
Place of work Pontypandy Fire Station
Family Charlie Jones (brother)
Bronwyn Jones (sister-in-law)
Sarah and James (niece and nephew)
Gareth Griffiths (brother's father-in-law)

Fireman Sam is the main character in the series. Along with Station Officer Steele and Firefighters Elvis Cridlington and Penny Morris, He works at the Pontypandy Fire Station.

Personal Info

  • Hair: Dark red.
  • Eyes: Sky blue
  • Height: 5'10".
  • Friends: Everyone in Pontypandy
  • Crew: Penny and Elvis
  • Chief: Station Officer Steele
  • First appearanceThe Kite

Original (1985-1994) series

Fireman Sam played a main part in every episode of the First series, appearing first in The Kite to get Sarah and James's kite off from Dilys' shop roof. In the Second series, Sam appeared in the first episode again Sam's Day Off, in which he made a popcorn machine which ended up trapping him in his shed. He appeared in every episode afterwards. Sam once again appears in the Third series, here he welcomes Newtown firefighter Penny Morris to the fire station. In the Fourth series, Sam first appeared in Home from Rome, rescuing Bella Lasagne from a broken lift in a department store.

2005 series

Sam again appears in every episode of the Fifth series and coming to the rescue with the rest of his team.

2008 series

Sam still works in Pontypandy and now his brother Charlie and sister-in-law Bronwyn are introduced, and they both run the Wholefish café. He also gets called by the twins Fireman Sam from the 6th-7th season except in Baa Baa Baby, Cat Magic, Danger By The Double and from the Eighth series onward when they started calling him Uncle Sam again. He also does not invent anymore.


In the two specials, Safe with Sam and Snow Business, Sam played major parts in both. For Safe with Sam, he gave out safety advice to the people of Pontypandy in the fire station's anniversary party. In Snow Business, he rescues Trevor's bus from a snowdrift and rescued Sarah and James from breaking ice.


Fireman Sam lives in the village of Pontypandy, at 3 Vale Road. His parents are never seen in the show. He is a single man, but has a close relationship with his niece and nephew, Sarah and James, and is good friends with the villagers of Pontypandy. In the 2008 series, his brother Charlie's fish and chips shop is introduced. Sam works at the Pontypandy fire station, and usually drives Jupiter, the fire engine. He likes to spend time in his 'inventing shed' in his back garden.


Sam is a competent and brave firefighter, who keeps the people of Pontypandy safe. He considers his job to be 'the best job in the world', and often helps out in emergencies even on his days off. However, he does have an inventive streak which sometimes gets him in trouble when one of his inventions goes haywire. 

"Its hard to stay away when you have the best job in the world."


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