Fireman Sam: The Complete Classic Series
is a DVD box set containing the episodes from the first four seasons.

Disc 1

  1. The Kite
  2. Flat Tyre
  3. Trevor's Training
  4. Norman's Tricky Day
  5. Lost Cat
  6. Telly Trouble
  7. Camping
  8. Barn Fire

Disc 2

  1. Sam's Day Off
  2. Treasure Hunt
  3. Thief in Pontypandy
  4. Chemistry Set
  5. Safe with Sam
  6. The Great Inventor
  7. The Wishing Well

Disc 3

  1. Norman's Pitfall
  2. Dilys' Forgetful Day
  3. Halloween
  4. Spot of Bother
  5. Lost Ring
  6. All in a Good Cause
  7. Brass Band
  8. Lost in the Fog
  9. Bentley the Robot

Disc 4

  1. Deep Trouble
  2. Quarry Rescue
  3. Rich and Famous
  4. Disaster For Dinner
  5. Steel Under Par
  6. What Goes Up
  7. Trevor's Boot Sale
  8. Home From Rome


  • This is one of the few Fireman Sam DVDs that are no longer in print, making it a rare item.


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