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Fireman Sam Live On Stage" Is a Stage show/DVD film that was toured in theatres from 2006-2007 to mark the 20th Anniversary of Fireman Sam.


Pontypandy is having a Fun Day and everybody is taking part. Dilys Price is making a Coconut Shy, Penny Morris is giving a Keep Fit Class, Elvis Cridlington is barbecuing sausages and making ice cream and Fireman Sam preparing his latest invention. Norman and Mandy are hanging around to find Woolly and also wonder what Tom Thomas is preparing for the Fun Day.




Cast (Costumes)

  • David Sullivan as Fireman Sam.
  • Andy Medhurst as Elvis and Tom.
  • Dinah Lees as Norman Price.
  • Claire Finley as Mandy Flood.
  • Adele Scott as Penny and Dilys.

Voice Cast


  • Hello! i'm Fireman Sam
  • Here comes Fireman Sam!
  • Scrub!, Wash! and Polish!
  • Keeping Fit is Fun!
  • 10 Fat sausages
  • Woobling, Woobling
  • Fun Day!
  • 10 Little Ducks
  • Hooray for Fireman Sam!
  • Get Out Stay Out


Fireman Sam- On Stage01:11:58

Fireman Sam- On Stage

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