Gareth Griffiths
Occupation Train Driver
Place of work Pontypandy Railway Station
Family Bronwyn Jones (daughter)
Unnamed second daughter
Charlie Jones (son-in-law)
Fireman Sam (son-in-law)
Sarah and James (Grandchildren)
Gareth Griffiths is the father of Bronwyn, maternal grandfather of Sarah and James and father-in-law of Charlie & Fireman Sam. He first appeared in Series 8


He runs the Pontypandy Flyer steam train, which runs on a short, steep heritage railway line up to the base of Pontypandy Mountain. He appears to have been and avid sailsman in his youth having been Captain of the Pontypandy rowing team.

Voice Actors


  • Gareth is the only character to be the parent of one of the adult characters in the series.
  • Gareth was the first person to spot "The Alien" in Alien Alert.