Hannah Sparkes
Occupation None
Place of work None
Family Lizzie Sparkes (Mother)
Joe Sparkes (Father)

Hannah Sparkes is an 11 year old girl and Joe and Lizzie's daughter. She was introduced in Series 9.

Personal info​


Hannah is the third child in Pontypandy to have blonde hair, the other two being Sarah and James. She first appeared in the episode All At Sea with her parents in a non-speaking cameo. She is the only child in Pontypandy who uses a wheelchair, as she can't walk, though she can use it to do keepie-uppies with two footballs at the same time as seen in Battle of the Birthdays. As the oldest child in the series, she has her own mobile phone and laptop. She's also proven to be a very strong swimmer.

She is always embarrassed every time her father, Joe, tries to solve a problem using his inventions and even more so when they backfire on him. But she starts thinking his inventions are cool after one of them helps charge her mobile's battery so that she could call the emergency services in Pontypandy Heatwave.

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