Sam with the harness
The Harness is a piece of rescue equipment used in water based rescues.

It it is used in situations where a person is stranded in a body of water that either doesn't require or it is not possible to use a ocean rescue vehicle to retrieve them.

A harness is an orange life jacket with blue body straps there are hooks on the front and back that is attached with a cable securing the rescuer, the other end of the cable is fastened to something that is stationary this creates a guild-line so other personal can pull (by hand) the rescuer back.

Additionally a dark blue waterproof suit is worn underneath and a yellow helmet, although the orange ocean rescue suit and helmet has been used with it too.

The Harness is used by Fireman Sam assisted by Elvis Cridlington and Penny Morris or by Penny herself.



  • Under the Harness Sam either wears an orange or dark blue waterproof suit.


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