The Sparkes house

The Sparkes home and Garage

Joe's garage is Joe's Sparkes place of work in the town of Pontypandy it was Introduced in Season 9.

The Garage

Joes garage

The garage

The garage is where Joe repairs and tunes up vehicles it houses the equipment necessity to carry out the work needed such as a vehicle lift and wheel tester, additionally Joe often also uses his garage to construct his inventions such as the Hover go-kart which he entered into the Pontypandy cup.

There is also a petrol pump in the driveway entrance.

The House

Sparkes back yard

The back yard

Beside the Garage is the Sparkes' house painted in light grey for the walls, aqua blue window frames and a purple front door it also has a rain barrel. The front yard is walled off with cobblestone with a wooden fence gate and the garden has two wooden worksheds and a tree.

This is the home of The Sparkes family.


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