"Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear"

— The line Joe says when something bad happens

Joe Sparkes
Occupation Mechanic
Place of work His Garage
Family Lizzie Sparkes (Wife)
Hannah Sparkes (Daughter)

Joe Sparkes is the town's mechanic. He first appeared in Series 9 with his family.


He lives in Pontypandy with his wife, Lizzie who works as a vet and their daughter, Hannah. He is demonstrated as having an inventive streak that sometimes gets him in trouble, like Fireman Sam himself once did in Series 1-4.

His inventions are a constant source of embarrassment to his daughter and she wished he could be a more normal, cooler Dad. However, after one of his inventions helped her reach the emergency services in Pontypandy Heatwave, she decided that his inventions were what made him cooler after all.

He also owns and operates a Garage.



Voice Actors


  • He has a pilot license.


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