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Jupiter 2016

Jupiter is the main fire engine of the Pontypandy Fire Station. It is driven to emergencies mostly by Fireman Sam, though the other firefighters have driven it as well.


The pride of the Pontypandy Fire Service, Jupiter is always on hand to attend all manner of disasters. Expertly driven by Sam and the crew, Jupiter is a welcome sight to anyone in trouble. Always clean and shiny, Jupiter's bright red paintwork and flashing blue lights are a clear sight that help is on the way.

Episodes Elvis drove Jupiter

Episodes Penny drove Jupiter

Episodes Ellie drove Jupiter

Episodes Station Officer Steele drove Jupiter

Episodes Chief Fire Officer Boyce drove Jupiter


Series 1-4

  • Jupiter was based on a Bedford TK fire engine.
  • The Fire Engine contained various random equipment:
    • a hose-reel in the first (occasionally other equipment such as a gas detector).
    • a CO2 extinguisher, leggings & boots, a shovel, roll of hose and stirrup pump in the middle
    • in the third, they contained an axe on the one side and a rope and a tire repair kit on the opposite
  • the pump bay contained a hose-reel switch, pressure level, two main jet outlets, two rolls of lay-flat hose and a valveless branchpipe
  • there were 2 ladders; a roof ladder (used in Home From Rome) and a standard 9M ladder
  • the left side lockers were only used in Snow Business and Flat Tyre.
  • Jupiter's call sign was "Jupiter 999".

Series 5-9

  • Jupiter is now loosely based on a Volvo FL6.
  • Since the 2003 series, the lockers in Jupiter now contain various items:
    • on the right, the hoses, the main pump bay and the extinguishers
    • on the left, the hoses, the jaws of life, another pump bay, and a bucket of sand
    • at the rear is the elevating ladder controls and a short extension ladder
  • In the original series, it had a traditional wail/yelp siren (which most brigades started using from the mid 90’s and still use today), but from Series 5 onwards, it was replaced with old two tone horns.
  • Jupiter has two blue rotating beacons, and two flashing lights on either side of the grille (these were replaced as strobe lights in series 6).
  • Apart from Sam; Elvis, Penny Chief Fire Officer Boyce have also driven Jupiter to emergencies on many occasions. Steele has also driven it in some of the story books from 1990's.
  • Jupiter used to have a number plate registration J 999, until it was removed from 2003 on-wards along with the other vehicles in the series for unknown reasons.
  • Between Seasons 1 and 4, Jupiter had four wheels. Since Season 5, it has had six.
  • In season 6, Jupiter's front was facelifted and given a yellow stripe and after Paper Plane Down the striping at the rear was reversed.
  • Jupiter's elevating ladder has a water cannon for putting out fires from above, it was only used in A Real Live Wire, Pizza Palaver & Magic Norman

Series 10

  • Jupiter has 4 noticeable upgrades: the new fire service logos painted on, a new flashing blue light pattern, the same touch screen system as the Map-screen 700 fixed into the cab and a new interior
  • Station Officer Steele finally gets to drive Jupiter.
  • The logos on the cab are phosphorescent (can glow in darkness).
  • Arnold and Jerry Lee are the only ones so far who have yet to drive Jupiter.
  • Jupiter is parked in the second bay of the New Fire Station.



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