King of the Mountain
Series 8, Episode 15
King of the Mountain
Air Date December 6, 2012 (UK)
July 1, 2014 (US)
Previous Bessie to the Rescue
Next Lighthouse Lock Out
King of the Mountain is the 15th episode of the series 8. It was written by Adam Long.


When Trevor falls ill, Tom Thomas and Moose Roberts both take the Pontypandy Pioneers on a mountain climbing expedition, but their rivalry over who has the best survival skills lands them both in trouble when they race up a high tree and get themselves stuck. The branch they are hanging from is breaking and Tom's mobile phone has no signal, so it's up to the kids to be resourceful and get help by using Sarah's sunglasses to send an SOS signal to the fire station.



  • According to Elvis, it was the 16th time the fire service had to rescue a cat stuck up a tree.

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