A Coastguard is someone who is trained to carry out rescues in the ocean. There are 5 trained coastguards in Pontypandy, 4 of them are fully qualified Firefighters of the Pontypandy Fire Service. They can do anything from saving someone lost at sea to manning the water cannons on Titan, although it is unknown if Ben Hooper can because he isn't a firefighter and has always driven Titan instead of using the water cannons. They have all driven Neptune (except Jerry Lee). But Titan has been driven by Ben Hooper and Penny Morris but also mentioned to be driven by Fireman Sam. But only Fireman Sam has driven Juno. They are also assisted by Tom Thomas and his helicopter to help with the rescues at sea.




  • Station Officer Steele, Arnold and Ellie are not trained lifeguards and its unknown weather they will become part of the team even though Arnold and Ellie did their training.


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