This page is for minor characters in the Fireman Sam franchise, who are either mentioned but not seen, or who make a very small appearance in a story. Each of these characters have been listed alphabetically.

Bella's Mother

Bella's mother is mentioned at the end of "Lost in the Fog" when Bella says that her mother always says that a spaghetti Bolognese always makes you forget your troubles.


Doris is possibly the wife of Station Officer Steele who is first mentioned in "Barn Fire" when Steele talks to her on the phone and she is mentioned again when Steele brings her portable to the fire station so Sam and Elvis can watch Steele on TV.

Farmer Thomas

Farmer Thomas is a farmer who only appears in the Fireman Sam sticker book To The Rescue! and is mentioned in another Fireman Sam sticker book Action Stations!

Norman's Father

Norman's father is mentioned in "Brass Band" when Norman is carrying his father's old telescope and lets Sam take a look and Sam ends up getting boot polish under his eye, looking like a black eye, which Dilys also has and gets mad when she finds out what Norman did.

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