The Mountain Rescue 4x4, also known as Tom's Jeep, is the Mountain Rescue Centre's Jeep used for mountain rescues, owned by Tom Thomas. It is a type of vehicle commonly used by emergency services.


Ready to scramble over the toughest of all terrains, Tom's Jeep is an invaluable part of the collection of Pontypandy's rescue vehicles, debuting in Series 5.

Episodes Sam drove the Mountain Rescue 4x4

Episodes Penny drove the Mountain Rescue 4x4

Episodes Charlie drove the Mountain Rescue 4x4


  • The only emergencies where the 4x4 was used were in Deep Water, Perilous Path and Cat Magic.
  • Tom's 4x4 is the only emergency service vehicle to be driven by a non-emergency service worker, as it was driven by Charlie in Float Your Boat.


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