Norman's Big Fossil Adventure
Series 9, Episode 14
Air Date July 19, 2014 (UK)
January 6, 2015 (US)
Previous Pontypandy Heatwave
Next Turtle Hunt
Norman's Big Fossil Adventure is the 14th episode of Series 9. It was written by Lee Pressman.


Norman, Mandy and the twins go fossil-hunting in the mountains with Moose. Norman is determined to collect more fossils than the others. Meanwhile, due to a misunderstanding, Elvis thinks that he and Penny are in danger of losing their jobs. He decides to protect Penny by trying to get himself fired!



  • Strangely, the photo that Station Officer Steele is giving to Chief Fire Officer Boyce has Nipper in it, instead of Radar, who, as the Pontypandy Fire Dog, should have been in the photo.


  • Sam is wearing the new coat in one shot.

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