Pest in Show
Series 9, Episode 19
Pest in Show
Air Date August 16, 2014 (UK)
January 6, 2015 (US)
Previous Stage Fright
Next Hide and Seek

"Pest in Show" written by Tim Bain is the 19th episode of Series 9.


Pontypandy is holding a contest for its Most Talented Pet. Mandy and Sarah engage in a rivalry over whether Nipper or Lion will win. Things then get out of hand when Mandy lets Nipper off his lead and chases Lion into the Wholefish Cafe and they start a fire that traps them inside and It's up to Radar to rescue them.



  • Second appearance of Norris the Guinea Pig.


  • Mandy: Oh I can't believe we're being beaten by a guinea pig and a sheep.


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