Pizza Pandemmonium
Series 10, Episode 4
Air Date 17 February 2016 (UK)
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Pizza Pandemonium is the 4th episode of Series 10. It is written by Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson.


James makes Sam, Sarah and Hannah a Pizza which was one of Bella Lasagne's recipes. Since Hannah never knew who she was, Bronwyn told her that she had her own Café once in Pontypandy (still seen opposite from Dilys shop) and had since moved to Newtown. Gareth turns up at the Wholefish Cafe asking for help with food for his railway gala at the train station and James volunteers to help.

At the Ocean Rescue Centre, Arnold and Ellie are proceeding with their fire service training by changing into their ocean rescue uniforms as quickly as possible. However, Elvis manages to get the zip on his life jacket stuck.

At the Cafe, James, Sarah and Hannah have made lots of pizzas but are struggling to fit them in the oven so Sarah suggests cooking some in the oven upstairs and cooking some at Hannah's house.

Back at the fire station, Arnold and Ellie are now changing into their animal rescue uniforms whilst Station Officer Steele is trying to get the Ocean rescue uniform off Elvis. After that Elvis quickly changes into the Animal rescue uniform and gets that stuck too and asks for Station Officer Steele's help again.

Sarah James and Hannah arrive back at the Cafe only to find that it's on fire. Sam, Penny, Arnold and Ellie head to the cafe to fight the fires whilst Elvis gets out of his uniform. Once the fires are out, Hannah forgets that there's pizza's in the oven at her house and worries that they could be on fire too, so a late Elvis rushes there on Mercury and puts out the last fire.

With the pizza's all burnt, there's no food for Gareth's railway gala, so Sam fetches 2 surprises: 1. Fresh pizza's and 2. The return of Bella Lasagne who everyone is surprised to see.




  • This episode marks Bella's first appearance since Series 5 and her first appearance in the CGI series.
  • A picture of Bella as she appears in the opening credits of Series 1-4 is shown on the recipe that James shows to Sam.
  • Elvis becomes the third firefighter in the series to ride Mercury.