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Pontypandy Fire Station

Pontypandy Fire Station, is a large Full-Time fire station based in the Small coastal village of Pontypandy. It mainly covers Pontypandy and the surrounding forestry and coastal parts of the Southern Area. Originally, it was a small station which housed Jupiter, but after some time it was gradually extended to also house Venus as well.

In Heroes of the Storm, the fire station was completely rebuilt with a new and modern outlook. The new fire station now has four vehicle bays and can hold up to 5 rescue vehicles.

The Station

  • Main Room: This room contains; a worktop with a gas cooker (with steam extractor), a fridge, a table with 6 chairs, a fire exit, a sliding pole, door to the balcony, a water dispenser, blue checkered carpets and wooden flooring and the heritage emergency bell.
  • TV Area: This area contains; a sofa, an armchair, a television, a desk with a computer, a bookshelf and a sliding pole.
  • Control Room: The control room/office has a desk with a chair, a computer, a phone and a lamp. There is also a control area with a headset, microphone, a touchscreen data system, a vehicle selection screen, the Map-screen 700, certificates and trophies, and the famous red button for the heritage Bell and Alert alarm.
  • Garage: This is where Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Hydrus and Phoenix are parked between missions. There are also lockers which one contains 2 rolls of training hoses, nozzles, jaws of life and a stair chair and the others containing the firefighters' personal belongings. In between these lockers, there is a bench to change into the animal rescue uniforms and there is also a helmet shelf with the firefighting turnout gear underneath, various safety and instruction posters and the alert alarm.
  • Training Tower: The training tower is used for the firefighters to practice certain emergencies which they might come across.
  • Smoke training room: The smoke training room is a small dark room connected to the training tower for the firefighters to do their BA training.
  • Backyard: The backyard is where the firefighters do their training and is where the 4 main outlets for hose training are located, off which 3 contain water and 1 containing sticky foam.
  • Balcony: The balcony is where the fire station flag is raised every day.
  • Briefing room: The briefing room is where the firefighters are briefed of training or certain situations.


Fire Station's Dog


The vehicles at the Fire Station include:

Station Bays

  • Bay 1: Venus
  • Bay 2: Jupiter
  • Bay 3: Phoenix
  • Bay 4: Mercury and Hydrus


  • From Series 1-4 the station had a kitchen/sitting area and Steeles Office.
  • In series 5, it gained a gym and the bay was rebuilt to house Venus aswell as the new Jupiter.
  • From series 6-9 the interior was completely rebuilt with the kitchen upstairs and the office downstairs
  • When the new station was built, they knocked down a row of houses, rebuilt part of the stone wall and moved the driveway in order to expand the ground area to meet up with the road for the station to fit.
  • Jupiter & Phoenix’s bays have exhaust extractors
  • The station now has wig wag lights at the start of the driveway.
  • From Series 10 onwards, the BA sets underneath the helmets are replaced with the firefighters turnout gear as they now have station wear.
  • Outside the Control Room, there is a picture of the original fire station with Jupiter from 1987.
  • In the control room they still have the picture of the crew from Series 5. Station Officer Steele comments in Heroes of the Storm "Couldn't have a new fire station without the old picture.."
  • In Series 11, the blue lights above each bay flash instead of rotate.