Professor Pickles
Professor Pickles
Occupation Museum President
Place of work Newtown Museum
Family N/A
Professor Pickles is the president of Newtown Museum.



​When Sam and Penny find the remains of the Pontypandy Pearl, Professor Pickles arrives from Newtown Museum to examine the artifacts. However, it becomes apparent that he wants to find Pontypandy Pete’s treasure and soon develops a rivarly with Norman who also wants to find it. As a result, they fall down an old mine where they find the treasure in a mine cart. But, a resulting argument causes the mine cart with them and the treasure to run away down the mine. As the cart and the treasure fall in the water, the professor and Norman jump clear and hang onto a tree root for dear life. Luckily, Sam, Penny, Tom and Ben came to their rescue and Norman and the professor promise not to do anymore dangerous treasure hunting. However, after Penny recovers the treasure, Norman and the professor, who have decided to open a maratime museum in Pontypandy, get into a feud after who it should be named after.

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