Record Breakers
Series 9, Episode 12
Air Date July 5, 2014 (UK)
January 6, 2015 (US)
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Record Breakers is the 12th episode of Series 9, it was written by Lee Pressman.


Station Officer Steele gets dancing lessons from the firefighters so that he could go to the Firefighters' Gala. But this gets cut short when Norman ends up hanging off a bridge after trying to get into the Gwyneth Book of Records.



  • According to Sam, this was the 57th time he had to rescue Norman from danger.
  • This is one of the few episodes that Sarah and James have appeared in without interacting with their Uncle Sam even once.
  • Trevor is said to be a Volunteer Firefighter by Dilys - this is a reference to his being an auxiliary fireman in the original series.