Runaway Horse
Series 10, Episode 1
Fireman Sam Runaway Horse
Air Date 15 February 2016 (UK)
Previous The Return of Norman-Man
Next Sam's Birthday
Runaway Horse is the 1st episode of Series 10. It is written by Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson.


Sam, Arnold and Penny are on their way to rescue Lizzie Sparkes from the Veterinary Clinics roof only to find that it's Woolly that needs rescuing. Meanwhile, James, Sarah, Norman and Mandy are having a race to Pontypandy point and Norman is not happy that James and Sarah are ahead of them.

Back at the Veterinary clinic, Elvis arrives in Venus with the rescue pad, Arnold is attempting to get Woolly to come to him and Sam and Lizzie advises him to talk to Woolly calmly, but in the end it's Arnold who manages to fall onto the safety pad below and Sam ends up rescuing Woolly.

Norman, angry that Sarah and James are winning, suggests riding a horse to win, but Mandy does not like the idea. Suddenly, the horse speeds off and ends up getting stuck in some mud and the twins call for help. Sam, Arnold and Ellie respond to the rescue call along with their new multi purpose 4x4 Phoenix. Once they arrive Sam and Arnold change into their animal rescue gear and rescue Norman and the Horse from the mud, with Arnold keeping the horse calm.

After the rescue Trevor awards the twins with their badges for using their map properly and Norman rants about not winning the race, Sam advises Arnold that there is someone else who needs calming down as well.






Fireman Sam season 10 Runaway horse09:27

Fireman Sam season 10 Runaway horse. (English)

UK Version

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