Dom strażaka Sama

Sam's Residence is at 3 Vale Road.

Sam's House is in the village of Pontypandy at 3 Vale Road. It is a two-story terraced house with several windows, a red door and a small bell outside.

Main Hall


Sam slides down at stairs.

The main hall is large. In the hall there is a big shelf. Next to the door there is a very large hanger. On the wall hangs a very big mirror. The main hall's walls are yellow. In the hall there are also white stairs. The hall is seen during the introduction sequence of the show.

Dining Room

The dining room is the room which Sam eats everyday. In this room there is the big table with several chairs. Next to door stays a shelf with the photos and a phone. There is also the big clock. The room contains also a big sofa, a large TV, and the small radio. The dining room is seen in some episodes.


The kitchen never appear in the series. Kitchen is small, has a very big refrigerator, several shelves and a modern oven. It also contains a big table with several chairs.


Same with the kitchen, the bathroom never appear in the series. It contains a big washing machine, a small shelf, a vane and a toilet. It has also a big mirror on the wall.


Sam has a large bedroom of his own. The walls in this room are white. Sam's bed lies underneath the window. The wood-framed bed has a white matress and is covered by two pillows, white sheets and an orange-red blanket with squares on it. On the blanket lies a pyjama which Sam puts on everynight when he goes to sleep. The bedroom also contains three shelves. On the first shelf there is a black and white photo. Next to it stays the large red alarm clock with two blue lights on the bells, which light up when it rings. The second shelf contains a big night lamp. The last shelf holds Sam's civilian clothes. Sam's room is seen during the introduction sequence of the show.


  • Sam has a large garden of his own. It contains several flowers and the working-house. The garden is seen in some episodes.
  • In the CGI series, Sam's garden only has a vegetable patch as seen in Poorly Penny.


  • In the CGI series, Sam's house is to the left of the fire station.


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