Series 6
 of Fireman Sam aired on February 2008 in the UK, and was released on April and June 2015 in the US.


  1. Blow Me Down
  2. Pontypandy Extreme
  3. Elvis Sings the Blues
  4. Fireworks for Mandy
  5. Heap of Trouble
  6. Stuck in the Muck
  7. Sausages vs. Shrimps
  8. Flood's Flood
  9. Stranded
  10. Off Duty Sam
  11. Sheepdog Trials
  12. Norman's Ghost
  13. Poorly Penny
  14. Pirates of Pontypandy
  15. Pontypandy Pioneers
  16. Twitching the Night Away
  17. Double Trouble
  18. Sailor Steele
  19. Fireman James
  20. Dilys' Big Surprise
  21. Day at the Seaside
  22. Model Plane
  23. Three Legged Race
  24. Norman's Ark
  25. Open Day
  26. Mike's Rocket


Characters Introduced


UK (English)



  • The firefighters no longer have axes and torches on their belts.
  • This was the first series to feature Dilys' shop as a Supermarket called the Cut Price Store.
  • From this series onwards, Bella Lasagne, Rosa and Dusty do not appear in anymore episodes. However Bella's Café can still be seen throughout the series and Bella later returns in Series 10.
  • This was the first season to use CGI.