Snow Business
Series N/A, Episode N/A
Air Date Welsh: December 14, 1988
English: December 22, 1988
Australian: December 23, 1991
Previous The Great Inventor
Next Dilys' Forgetful Day

Snow Business is a Christmas special of Fireman Sam. This episode is twice as long as the usual ten minute long episodes.

Plot Summary

It is Christmas Eve and Fireman Sam is very busy. Between getting Trevor out of the snow and rescuing Sarah and James from an icy pond, he has to find a Christmas tree and bring it back to the town.





  • This is the only time a character gets drunk.
  • This was the only 20 minute extended adventure for over 25 years, as The Return of Norman-Man was released in 2014.


  • Trevor could have seen the snow drift sooner.
  • The snow drift looks very unrealistic.

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