Map-Screen 700 receiving a call

The Teleprinter and the Map screen 700 are two separate devices used to receive emergency calls inside the fire station.


From series 1-4, the teleprinter was more of a traditional teleprinter from the late 80's to early 90's that were used in most fire stations across the UK and Ireland with the printer at the front and the rolls at the back or underneath and the message would print 2 copies at once; 1 white & 1 pink (the pink one was never used as its for any additional vehicles at the station that are also required for the incident)

In series 5, the printer was more modern to how they all are today and would start printing before the bell sounded.

From series 6 until Heroes of the Storm, it was using the futuristic printer with a red LED for emergencies and a green LED (never used), probably used for non-emergency messages.

Although out of service a teleprinter can still be seen inside the Mobile Command Unit

Map-screen 700

The Map screen 700 was first introduced in Heroes of the Storm when the fire station was rebuilt. The way it works is that as soon as an emergency call had been received, the screen would start flashing and buzzing the fire service logo and one of the firefighters would press a button on the touch screen and the message would be read (e.g. "Norman Price is stuck on a horse, which is stuck in some thick sticky mud") from Runaway Horse with a picture relating to the type of incident (e.g. Horse for animal rescue, water for water rescue, flames for fire, etc). The new Mountain Rescue Centre now also has a Map screen system but in green.


  • The teleprinter was often referred to as a fax machine which is a different device altogether.
  • Heroes of the Storm was the last ever use of the teleprinter.
  • In Charlie's dream in The New Hero Next Door, he had a teleprinter in his boat.