The Big Chill
Series 8, Episode 06
The Big Chill
Air Date April 7, 2012 (UK)
June 3, 2014 (US)
Previous Jupiter on the Loose
Next Boyce will be Boyce
 The Big Chill written by Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson is the sixth episode of the eighth season.


It's a snowy day in Pontypandy, so Norman and Mandy play in the snow & build a snowman. Later Norman accidentally cooks his mum's best scarf, setting the Flood's house on fire.



  • The French title is, "Freezing Cold".


  • When Station Officer Steele rings the alarm bell it sounds, but in the shot where Sam and Elvis slide down the pole the alarm bell isn't moving.

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The Big Chill, New Fireman Sam09:41

The Big Chill, New Fireman Sam

UK Version full

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