The Big Freeze
Series 5, Episode 2
Air Date Welsh: 14 October 2003
English: 5 April, 2005
Australia: 21 April 2006
Previous Danger Falling Sheep
Next Twist of Fate

The Big Freeze is the second episode of the fifth series.


Norman raises everyone's temperature with the bed he builds for his pet lamb Woolly, but Norman leaves the electric blanket unattended and causes a fire.




  • Pontypandy Fire Station
  • Dilys general shop
  • Bella's cafe


  • In some versions of the episode, Norman can be heard counting sheep during the end credits.
  • In some versions of this episode, Elvis can be seen turning off the power before Sam even enters Norman's room.
  • In the title card, Woolly is wearing Elvis' earmuffs and scarf.


  • When Norman and Woolly come into Norman's bedroom to see that the electric blanket on fire, Norman has his winter gloves on, but when he come back downstairs, Norman's gloves disappear, when they're back outside his gloves are back on again.
  • In this episode, Bella already has her pizza oven even though it is seen being installed in Pizza Palaver.


The Big Freeze (English)09:09

The Big Freeze (English)

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