The Greatest BBC Children's Video Ever is a VHS released in 1995 by BBC.


Can you believe it? All of your favourite characters on one video Friends old and new; from Noddy and Clangers to Fireman Sam, Pingu, The Little Polar Bear and others - all squeezed into over hours of tip-top toddler funtime. And incredibly there's more - a full story from The Animals of Farthing Wood, Spider!, William's Wish Wellingtons and songs from Nursery Rhyme Time! Now that's why it's called the greatest BBC children's videos ever!


  1. Fireman Sam: Spot of Bother
  2. Pingu: Pingu's New Kite
  3. Spider: Spider in the Bath
  4. William's Wish Wellingtons: William the Conkeror
  5. The Clangers: Fishing
  6. Nursery Rhyme Time
  7. Noddy: Noddy and the Special Key
  8. Funnybones: Bumps in the Night
  9. Hairy Jeremy: Ice to See You
  10. The Little Polar Bear: The Egg
  11. The Animals of Farthing Wood: Adventures of Fox

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