The Pontypandy Regatta is a special series of episode segments slotted in between the episodes on the Ocean Rescue DVD.


Pontypandy is holding the annual Regatta boat race.


Part 1: The rescue team prepares themselves for the start of the race

Part 2: As the races gets started, Sam has to rescue Lily from floating away on Norman Price and Derek Price"s boat.

Part 3: Sam has to rescue Joe when his boat The Windmaster 2000 sends him overboard.

Part 4: Elvis and Mike are having so much trouble with sailing terminology, that they both end up in water and need rescuing from Sam.

Part 5: When Mandy Flood starts cheating, Trevor's, Dilys', Sarah's and her chances of wining the race are dashed. Meanwhile Derek and Norman are still so busy arguing about who is in charge, they end up wining the race with no trouble at all.




  • This episode is also featured on the Fireman Sam YouTube channels.


Fireman Sam-The Pontypandy Regatta (U.S Ver

Fireman Sam-The Pontypandy Regatta (U.S Ver.)