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Three Legged Race
Series 6, Episode 23
Air Date March 12, 2008
Previous Model Plane
Next Norman's Ark
 Three Legged Race is the twenty-third episode of the sixth season. It was written by Dave Ingham.


In the annual three-legged race in Pontypandy, Sam is partnered with a less-than confident Dilys. Sam gives Dilys advice to give them speed by saying a rhyme and it works. Meanwhile, in the race Norman who is partnered with Mandy cheats and accidentally hurts his foot.




  • This episode is possibly based on the Series 5 episode Fun Run.
  • Originally Sam and Penny were going to team up in the race.
  • Norman sprains his ankle. However the bandage he gets later is slightly above his ankle.


Fireman Sam Episode - Three Legged Race09:58

Fireman Sam Episode - Three Legged Race

UK Version full

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