Up, Up And Away
Series 9, Episode 9
Air Date June 7, 2014 (UK)
November 4, 2014 (US)
Previous Whale Watch
Next The Pontypandy Cup
Up, Up And Away is the 9th episode of Series 9. It was written by Adam Long.


Whilst doing some kite flying with the other kids, Mandy is inspired to want to fly over Pontypandy Mountain. Hannah tells her that her dad, Joe Sparkes, has just the thing...which turns out to be a hot air balloon!



  • Joe gets his first speaking role in this episode.
  • One of the kites being flown at the start of the episode is Station Officer Steele's kite from Blow Me Down.
  • Lambikins appears to have inherited Woolly's trait for eating anything on sight, something that Woolly originally did as a lamb in Series 5.


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