Wholefish cafe night

The Wholefish cafe

The Wholefish Cafe is a cafe that is run by Charlie and Bronwyn Jones. It appeared in the CGI series of Fireman Sam.

The Cafe

Wholefish cafe behind counter

Bronywn, James and Sarah behind the counter

The Wholefish cafe which is located on the Pontypandy harbor sells a variety of refreshments, fish and chips. Charlie who is a fishermen catches fresh fish daily on his boat and is prepared by Bronwyn who also stands at the service counter where there is the deep fryer which cooks the meals to be sold.

The cafe has tables, chairs and a television for entertainment.

The Loft

Jones living room

The living room

The Jones family live in a loft above the cafe there is a living room, kitchen and bedrooms.

This is where Charile, Bronwyn, Sarah and James live.

The Basement

Wholefish cafe basement

Elvis and Sam in the basement

Under the cafe is the basement where food is stocked and there is a refrigerator, water heater and a fuse box.